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Lucas Bong is a Professional AVS Accredited Scheduled Dogs Trainer, Canine Behaviorist, Freestyle Discdog player, Dog agility coach, Agility dog competitor and a All level International Agility Judge. Owner of Smartdoggy Academy.



More Information

Area of Expertise

  • Dog sports training includes: Dog Agility, Freestyle Frisbee DiscDogs, K9 Dancing, Flyball dogs & Aqua dogs

  • Profiling of dogs and Behaviourial Assessment

  • Dog behavioral improvement training

    • Multiple dogs household management

    • Remedy and solutions for Reactive and Anxiety dogs

    • Aggressive dogs management

  • Clicker conditioning and Force Free Behaviourial modification for Dogs

  • Safe, Proper & Positive approach of using advance training Remote eTraining Collar

  • General pet obedience for all dogs and competitive precision obedience for competition dogs

  • Sports dogs conditioning, healthcare and post injury rehabilitation

  • Puppy foundation and youth development program.

A firm believer of better dogs from better owners.
Lucas aims to promote Responsible Pet Ownership via positive reinforcement thru daily dog obedience applications and proper communication skills in all areas of dogsports.


  • Official AVS Accredited Obedience Dog Trainer with Agri-Food & Veterinary Authority of Singapore (AVA)  & Canine Behaviourist since 1990

    • Professional Certified with Singapore Provost Military Dog Unit,

    • Protection Working Dogs & Advanced Skilled Trainer

    • Aggressive Dog Management & Conditioning

    • Narcotic & Military guard dogs training & management

    • Arms and explosive ammunition dogs training & handling

    • Tracking, Search & Rescue

  • People’s Association approved PA Trainer

  • Singapore Kennel Club All levels Agility Championships Judge since 2010

  • FCI International Dog Agility Championship Judge

  • Qualified PETAS Approved Regional Judge for Agility Dogsports Championship

  • Open Championship Judge for Malaysia MKA affiliates Agility Dogsports trials and events

  • Represented Singapore for 2015 WAC Italy World Agility Championships, International Federation of Cynological Sports (IFCS), and achieved a world ranking of #23 elites

    • SG Team Captain and Coach for IFCS Singapore National Team for WAC 2016 IFCS World Agility Championships Netherlands

    • Behaviourial Management Dog Trainer frequently recommended by Vets clinics to help their clients with difficult dogs dealing with Aggression, Social skills & Obedience issues
      – The PetDoctors, Dr Oaksana, Animal Infirmary, The Visiting Vets, Frankel Vets, Namly Vets, The Animal Clinic, Nam Seng Vets, James Tan Vet, Advanced VetCare, Maranatha Vets

Dogsports Competition Awards

Local Dog Agility Awards

  • A Dog Agility Master Level Champion Class Trainer and multiple award winner, holds the National title with the Singapore Kennel Club’s (SKC)

    • Maxi Agility Dog of the Year 1993, 1994

    • Overall Agility Dog of the Year 2012, 2014, 2017

    • Jumper Agility Dog of the Year 2013, 2014

  • The Overall Champion- Top Agility Dog in the Singapore National Open Agility Championship 2011

  • Achieved Highest level National Agility and National Jumper Champions Titles for his own dogs, as well as achieving the same accolades and awards for the dogs of Lucas’ agility students training under Smartdoggy Academy

International Dog Agility Awards

  • United States Dog Agility Association (USDAA) includes multiple 1st place Champion wins on the Singapore’s International Tournament of USDAA Steeplechase & GrandPrix Masters Agility

  • CRUFTS International 2014 Invitational Agility Championships Selection
    – Singapore’s Overall Winner & PETAS Singapore National Agility Team Rep

  • Represented Singapore for 2015 WAC Italy World Agility Championships, International Federation of Cynological Sports (IFCS), and achieved a world ranking of #23 elites


Obedience and Working Dog Achievements

  • Lucas is an accomplished master for precision work for competitive dog obedience, Open level & Utility trials Competitive Obedience dogs, achieved in Companion Dog Excellent (C.D.X)

  • Represented The Singapore Arm Forces in 1994 to compete & had Championed event at The National Trial Service Canine Competition against Singapore Police Dogs Unit & Singapore Prison Dog Unit for Advance Obedience, Agility & Guard-Dog’s Protection/ Attack Work.

Current Civic Appointments

Director Of Dog Agility & Dogsports Training at PETAS (Pets Enterprises & Traders Association, Singapore)

With the 2017 formed Dog Trainer Association under AVA umbrella, Lucas is on board as the governing DTA committee’s Treasurer.

Civic Contribution Milestones

Since 2002 – current, Lucas has been often invited to be a speaker & provided dog behaviorial seminars, training workshop, demos and consultancy for

  • Singapore Zoological Gardens

  • Condominium’s MCST for Residences

  • People’s Associations Singapore


  • The Singapore Association For The Deaf

  • Nanyang Primary School

  • Sentosa Cove management

  • Singapore Constituency CC & RC Grassroots agencies

  • Newpaper & Straits Times News

  • Mediacorp news, TCS & Local Radio stations

From 2011 – 2016, Lucas had served as a Voluntary Senior Consultative Committee Member for the Singapore Kennel Club, as Vice Chairman of Dog Sports Committee division. During his tenure, he has pioneered and developed the club’s Dog Agility Championship Show Judge Training Scheme.

  • Restructure the agility dogs jump heights and class, to go inline with international standards.

  • Improve the standards of competitive Agility Dogsports Titling programs Championship Trials with better performance rules on safety and fairer SCT (standard course time) system for all competing dogs of different height classes.

  • Introduced new agility games format ie,

    • Snooker agility

    • Distance dog agility games

    • Superweaver 60 poles weavepoles challenge games

    • Tunnel match challenge

    • Agility Dual Knockout Match etc, to raise the performance level standards of Singapore dog agility.

2018, Lucas extended his full scale expertise for Agility Dogsports to Indonesia.
After his FCI Agility judging appointment for ‘Perkin’ Indonesian Kennel Club’s Annual National Agility Championship in Dec2017, Lucas was Invited by President of Perkin to conduct:

  • Upgrading program to groom, select and train their FCI Agility Judges.

  • Restructuring the course setting approach with updated rules for Perkin’s FCI agility championship judging.

  • Agility dog training and skill development seminars for the professional trainers

  • Introducing latest agility training techniques and handling skills for the Indonesian dog agility sportsman

  • Introducing different types of International dog agility games

  • Develop selection program for the Indonesian Dog Agility National Team for future International dog agility world championships events

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