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International Pets Relocation Services

Let us help you! We understand that relocating your pet in or out of Singapore can be a very time consuming process.

Pet relocation requires a lot of personal involvement – getting the necessary legal permits, obsessive attention to details such as flight destination requirements, weight and needs of each pet, departing/ arriving cities, date, time, season, and any other special circumstances that may arise and which can affect you financially.

International pet relocation can sometimes be complicated and stressful. We are here to be your pet’s one stop shop travel agent. Our service includes:

  • Flight coordination

  • Determining applicable flight regulations

  • Assist with flight container requirements

  • Arrange for pickup/delivery

  • Quarantine and boarding

  • Import & export documentation

  • Proper identification and more

Each pet relocation service presents its own unique set of challenges, planning hours and resources. Most international locations will require government charges, such fees are for import application, quarantine entry forms, transportation from port of arrival to animal quarantine station, government inspection, accommodations and management of quarantine services, & customs. Generally airlines determine their pricing based on crate size, destination and special services, each country and location requires it’s own documentation & requirements.

As such your quotation of our International Pets Relocation Services will based on international air traveling cost by the airline along with costs of shipping handlers and travel containers with government charges.

Contact us today! Let our team of pet relocation professionals help you efficiently relocate your pet to its new home.

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