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48 Woodleigh Park,

Singapore 357844.

This 40m x 40m AstroTurf futsal soccer pitch No #2 at The Arena is now our new agility training homeground for the SARTs.

We currently only have Agility Dog Sports classes available on Sunday at The Arena.

Available Classes on Sundays


  • 5.45pm - 7pm:
    Puppy & Beginners’ Dog Sports Obedience
    Foundation class

  • 7pm - 8.30pm:
    Agility Class & Full Course

  • 7pm - 9.30pm:
    Agility & Jumper Circuit (for trained dogs only)

  • Private 1 on 1 Training and Private Group Classes

    Enquires are welcome for :
    Puppy Obedience Program, Adult Behaviour Obedience Training, as well as AVS Accredited Obedience Training, Dog Sports Packages and Agility Training, Frisbee Disk Dog Training.

    Please Contact Lucas @ (65) 9790-3033


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