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Our Happy Clients
Border Collie with a Bone
Chern San Lee

Lucas is a very dedicated and passionate trainer, who owns many Border Collies, even competing in international competitions.

This was this one incident, where Lucas went the extra mile, beyond his duty as a trainer. I was overseas for work and when my Border Collie left the house to take a walk on her own, my wife got stressed out. She called Lucas and without hesitation, he rushed over to help my wife find our dog. By the time he arrived, our dog returned home on her own, probably after enjoying her freedom.

Unlike some trainers who believe in punishment, Lucas uses positive reinforcement methods to motivate and train dogs. That to me, is the hallmark of an awesome trainer. Will certainly recommend.

German Boxer
Jennifer Wong

We called Lucas for help because our 7 months old, 22kg boxer has been yanking our arms off during walks for the last few months, and lunges when she sees bicycles which was becoming really dangerous for us. Lucas came by this evening to work on Luna, and taught us how to reinforce the right walking behaviour and rules to abide by.

Within an hour, we had a totally transformed dog!!! We walked her again a few hours later and it was the most pleasurable and relaxing walk we've had!!! Luna was so relaxed that she could still do her do in hood. Thank you, Lucas for transforming our dog and still remain as one of her favourite hoomans!!!

Dog with Santa Hat
XJ Liu

Attended Lucas' puppy obedience class ten years ago with my very first dog. The training has been foundational as my dog remembers and recalls most of what she learnt as a puppy there. I can easily get her to heel for example.
Ten years later, I engaged lucas for private house all training for my second dog, who has aggression issues.

He's very experienced and never fails to respond with helpful tips whenever issues arise with my dog. I've called him many times over dog bites, dog behavioral issues and he's always responsive which I appreciate.
If you have an an aggressive dog problem, he's the guy to call.

If you have an active athletic dog, he's the guy to call too. His border collie agility and flyball team is probably the best in Singapore. He runs agility course every Sunday at woodleigh area, and it's quite fun to watch.

Dog in His Bed
Andrea Boo

Lucas has a heart for the doggies and yet firm its  to be. I had my adopted BC Zeus train with him 7 years ago and sent my recent adopted young Archie to be train as well by him.

He taught us several techniques to challenge their minds and he's always patient. He even gave Zeus retraining even though we only sign up for Archie this round!

Image by Marliese Streefland
Rick Hew

Lucas is very professional as a trainer. His training technics are simple , easy to execute and very effective. And my dog, a Goldie puppy love it because his training is fun. My dog looks forward to meeting him every week. After about 3 mths of training, my dog is now calm and obedient, still very cute and lovable.

On top of weekly training, Lucas never fail to response to our concern and questions. Our text message are always answered very promptly. Lucas is a very patience and reliable trainer. We look forward to our continuous training with him soon.

Golden Retriever
Mary Anne Baluyut

We have a young golden retriever that is very hyperactive (jumps on people, difficult to control on the leash). We were concerned that our dog would hurt our child unintentionally or our parents whenever they would come to visit as our dog is very strong and rowdy. We booked personal training classes with Lucas and even after the first session, our dog's behaviour has changed dramatically. 

All to say our dog is so well behaved now and she knows a number of commands like sit, stay, center (she positions herself between our legs like a guard dog), right, left, turn around etc. It never fails to impress visitors. We can't thank Lucas enough for the amazing work he has done for our dog. Highly recommended and really good value for money 😁

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